“I have had the incredible experience of receiving sessions 1-12 of the EMF Balancing Technique from Nilofer with absolutely incredible results. I would manifest the very things I wanted in each session almost immediately and the results built to a cumulative effect as I achieved the rewards of all levels to number 12. I feel very spiritually ‘cleaned up’ and find it effortless to attract the fun games I want to play in life – such as fabulous clients, friendships, creative projects and just things going my way in general. I’d always been pretty good at attracting what I desired, but Nilofer supercharged this ability through her expert application of the EMF Balancing Technique.”

Melanie Nelson


“After having the sessions with Nilofer my life has changed in such a profound yet subtle way. I can see changes within and without. My family is closer. There is more love. My relationship with my partner has changed. We love deeper and are more committed to each other. I am studying something I am very passionate about. I have attracted more love and connection into my life. Since these sessions I have connected more deeply with my quest for my purpose in existence. Stuff still goes on but there is more grace in my life to solve issues. It is like I have reconnected with a part of myself I had lost.”

Juliet Gauci, Abu Dhabi


“I found this to be one of the most powerful techniques that I have come across. The sessions are incredibly relaxing and they gave me a very powerful set of tools to use everyday. Nilofer is a wonderful practitioner whose sensitivity and compassion added to the whole experience. I have changed and am still changing in very positive ways”.

S.M.N Abu Dhabi


“I enjoyed all of my EMF sessions I took with Nilofer and have since noticed many changes happening in my life . Nilofer is an inspiration in the work she does and really is shining in golden light. I am so impressed with Nilofer and EMF that I am now training to become an EMF practitioner”.

“The session on history had an immediate lightening effect on my mood and emotions – which has persisted. Learning to accept myself has been challenging, but I feel I am making progress. I don’t thing Nilofer needs to do anything differently – I just need to learn to stay in the moment – at times my thoughts wander and it used to be difficult to get back on track, but that has improved as I relax and allow my mind to return without stressing over itI am so grateful for the effect the sessions have had on my stress levels and I can actually now accept myself with all my perceived faults and recognize that I can change aspects of myself for the better.  Most nights I can sleep well now and my psoriasis has improved – I feel more confident and at peace with myself.”

Lilian Crossley , Abu Dhabi


I enjoyed all of my EMF sessions I took with Nilofer and have since noticed many changes happening in my life .  Nilofer is an inspiration in the work she does and really is shining in golden light.  I am so impressed with Nilofer and EMF that I am now training  to become an EMF practitioner.

Julie Greenhalgh, Facial Reflexologist and Trainer


Some times you get such a strong feeling to do something and you are not quite sure why at the time. Its not till later that you see the reasons and the synchronicities that supported your action to accept. I am only half way through the EMF Phase I to IV training and I am already delighted I followed my intuition. Through this training, so much of my life is making sense and unfolding in unexpected ways. I am excited to share this information and practical tool with others. It has been a wonderful journey, learning through the nurturing and guiding light of Nilofer. I can’t wait for the next phase. Thank you Nilofer”.

Tonia: Abu Dhabi



“My experience of learning EMF balancing was one of uplift and expansion during the course and in daily life afterwards. Nilofer is truly a wonderful teacher and made every moment enjoyable . She is a a precise taskmaster, compassionate and encouraging during the training, creating confidence and competence in the students. We all received wonderful balancing sessions from each other and I feel blessed that Nilofer will be my teacher and mentor thru my Internship to becoming a Practitioner”.

Pamella Pierrepont Dubai May 2009



I had been planning to attend do the EMF for so long, I managed last month to start even this timing has a meaning you only come when you are at a level of good self awareness. My self awareness is very high and I was able to find talents that I forgot about or never new it existed. I also take my self more at value now and feel more connected to my surrounding, most important I realized and started questioning my self what goodness can I bring to my world.

Amal Obaid Al Mazrooie



“Dear Nilofer, Great feeling and wonderful to meet you again. Yours was the first healing programme I attended when I was suffering from chronic cough, I suffered chronic cough those days for 2 months with no relief from medicines. I attended your reiki training being forced by my friend as I did not believe natural healing being in business world. My cough stopped from the very day I attended the training and I felt it a miracle. I practiced Reiki for sometime and left it later being busy in the business world. I survived a heart attack in year 2000 for 20hrs on flight to USA doing reiki on myself with the knowledge I learnt from you and started doing healing on myself. I have learnt QT reading the Richard Gordon books and I find it working. Wonderfully my doctor declared last year in Singapore that there has been reversal of the disease and the medical reports do not show that I even had heart attack. Something again a miracle. I take this meeting you today on the internet as a calling to take Healing more deeply into myself.”

Shyam Bathula, Singapore


“…My meeting with Nilofer can be best termed as the result of “Synchronicity”. Until that time, I had no idea that there was some one just 150 km away from me giving this wonderful service. Kryon’s teachings were the beginning of great changes for my inner life. These change were accelerated with EMF Balancing sessions with Nilofer. These changes are extremely subtle and can hardly become perceptible to others – that is how I experienced it in my life. Every thing was happening within myself at a personal level of “understanding” and “awareness”. I feel honoured by being given this opportunity to experience changes in my inner life. Nilofer is a wonderful person, very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and ever willing to help any one with a desire for personal development through her unique knowledge, experience and skill set. I am thankful to her for the sessions she gave me……”

Nanda Kumar, Dubai



The EMF Balancing Technique was very helpful in relieving work-related stress. It is an excellent tool to deal with negative thoughts and energy and to focus energy towards life and career goals.

Nathan Rhimes

“In desperation and seeking balance and clarity in my life, I looked for guidance and support to redeem my presumably ‘difficult situation’s’. In all fairness, all the masters I met along the way till I met Nilofer helped me a great deal – however it was through EMF Balancing that the whole jigsaw of my life started unravelling itself. It could not be done in a hurry – and had to be done slowly and with great care to prevent further entangling and knotting – and Nilofer undertook that process brilliantly

When I started my sessions, there was a key challenge in my professional realm where an associate was constantly berating me and pulling my spirit down and inducing in me a deep seated sense of fear. By the time my second EMF session got over – there was an incident when the person tried to berate me – when from deep within my conscious I felt some words come out forcefully – I do not consciously remember what I said – but I know I would not have said those in my normal consciousness. Suffice to say – following that episode, there have been no more berating and we have been very friendly since then, to the extent he sent me a letter of apology. There have been many experiences during my EMF Balancing sessions and in the period preceding the next session – these include manifesting car parking spaces – at the best of times a challenge in the country I live, thinking of someone and that person calling me, most unexpected people calling me up, my coming in contact with my childhood friends, feeling a sense of deep joy, an improvement in my ability to manifest and meeting spiritual people – the kind I have always wanted to meet and many more.

Despite all this – there continues to be challenges – in key areas of my life – there include moments of desperation, frustration, evaluation of the perceived sense of injustice in my life and of those around me. However, I am able to handle this with more balance and calmness

Nilofer is an excellent practitioner of EMF and I am hopeful that I will undergo training to be an EMF Practitioner at some point in time. It is an excellent process which Nilofer patiently explains to you and experienced peacefully during her sessions.”

E J Mathew, Abu Dhabi



My journey with Nilofer has been profound and life-changing. Nilofer is an amazing light-worker and gentle guide, always encouraging and supporting me through my own personal EMF journey. Nilofer’s guidance, love, support and advice (particularly through some of the more challenging stages) has been profound and completely changed my life, I have let go of the past that no longer serves me, learnt how to be grounded in the present and to manifest and be a co-creator in control of my own destiny.

Louise Thomson, Abu Dhabi