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Templates Of Light

I receive many many questions about the EMF balancing technique, what is does, the results it can bring, how are the sessions structured.

Quite frankly, it would take huge amounts of time dispensing the same core information to every individual who wants to know more about the amazing EMF Balancing technique.

So, what you will find below are answers to a number of questions. I hope if you have a question in your mind, that the answer is covered here.

Of course, if there’s a question you have and it is not covered here, I would be more than delighted to speak to you about it. Please see the contact page for details.


  • What is EMF Balancing Technique? The EMF Balancing Technique is a system of working systematically with the Human Energy Field ( Universal Calibration Lattice) to bring it into balance. And once the energy fields are in balance, one’s whole life stays in balance.
  • How will EMF balance my energy? The energy within the EMF Balancing Technique is self balancing and self regulating. The practitioner is just a facilitator. Even though there is a set pattern for each phase, the innate wisdom of the client determines where the energy will go for the highest good of that person.
  • Why have an EMF session? Because we’re all unique and different, many come for EMF wanting different results in their lives. Some want a better way of being. Others want better understanding of self. Others want optimum health. Some want to attain peace of mind. Others want to reduce anger and live in harmony and balance. Some want stronger relationships. Others want to smile more and to get back the fun in their lives. What are you looking for?
  • Are there specific sessions for stress, trauma, health conditions, relationship issues, abundance etc? Although the client may come in with a specific intent, the practitioner only holds the intent for balance. The practitioner follows the set pattern of each EMF Phase (which is the same for every one ), the benefits for every person are according to his own unique needs at that point in time. Although the intent for each EMF Session is Balance, healing is a side effect of the process. If you are going through a specific issue in your life, it will be highly beneficial for you to receive Phases I to IV once again, even if you have received them before.
  • Are the benefits temporary? The EMF Balancing Technique is a process of Rewiring your Energy Field (UCL) so that you can hold more energy from the Universal Energy source. This rewiring is permanent.
  • Can an EMF Balancing Technique session have side effects? When I give an EMF Balancing Technique session, the energy is self regulating and self directing. This means that the inner wisdom of the client regulates and directs the energy and the practitioner is simply the facilitator. This means that the benefits of the session are for the highest good of the client.
  • How is EMF Balancing Technique different from other healing modalities? Like we have different systems in the Physical body ie the skeletal system, the muscular system, the circulatory system etc, we also have different systems in our Energy Bodies. The Universal Calibration Lattice is one of the Systems in our Energy Bodies. The EMF Balancing Technique is a very specific way to strengthen our UCL and thus our connection to the Universal Energy Source. Other modalities may be working on other systems in the energy Body.
  • Is there any age limit for people to receive the sessions? No, anyone can receive an EMF session including a baby in the womb.

  • What happens in an EMF session? Each session lasts about an hour. The recipient is on a massage table while the practitioner carries out a series of graceful Tai chi-like movements through the portions of the Universal Calibration Lattice (human energy field) of the client. During some parts of the session the practitioner will gently place their hands on the body to facilitate the flow of energy.
  • What can you heal with the EMF Balancing Technique? The major focus of the EMF work is evolution and empowerment. Our claim is that the results of an EMF session are always determined by the inner wisdom of the client. Sometimes this results in healing, sometimes in personal growth or increased awareness, but whatever the result it is always according to the inner wisdom of the client and leading to the next step of their evolution. Healing is an aspect of the work, but not the major focus, even though many amazing healings do occur.
  • How often should I have an EMF session? You can have up to 2 sessions in a day. However, I always recommend that people take time to integrate the energies of a session before moving onto the next one.  Most people schedule a session every week. That is not set in stone and varies from person to person.
  • If I cannot travel to receive an EMF session, is there any other possibility to receive a session? You can receive Phases I to IV and XIII distantly either on the phone or at a time already previously agreed upon. This is as close to receiving a session in person. At an agreed upon time, you will receive the session via phone or via internet ( Googletalk) or, you can lie down quietly where you will not be disturbed for about an hour and I will conduct the session right from where I am, even if I am hundreds or thousands of miles away! You can book a session with me  by sending an email at niloferlight@gmail.com
  • Why are the phases split up into blocks? Each phase works incrementally and builds on the previous one. Each phase works on a particular part of the energy field (UCL). Phases I to IV are the foundational phases and they are working on the outer edges of the lattice. Also they are working on aligning and strengthening the structure of the lattice. Having made stronger foundations we are then moving into Phase V to VIII which are working on Practising Mastery. Here we are working on fibres that are closer to the core. We are moving from outside inwards closer to the core in Phases V to VIII. Here we are working with a very powerful energy- Platinum and our physical nervous system by this time is able to integrate the platinum energy. Then we come to Phases IX to XII and here we are working inside the Core Energy and also taking greater responsibility. Here you can use the analogy of a tree. Phases I to IV are like the roots of a tree. Phases V to VIII are like the trunk and Phases IX to XII are like the branches. Phase XIII is like the fruit and so it is the Alpha ie the entry point ( the seeds which give rise to a tree) and the Omega ie the exit point ( the fruit which the branches bear for us).
  • Can I receive ALL the Phases Distantly? Yes.
  • Can I request Distant EMF sessions for someone? Yes Does that person have to agree for the EMF sessions? What about infants, children, unconscious people or in coma and mentally ill people? Yes, EMF I-IV can be done at a distance. It is always best to ask the person but if you are unable to then you can still send the session-that person will either accept or reject the energy.
  • Can I choose the Phase I want to receive? If you are receiving EMF sessions for the first time, you have to go through them in order. Once you have completed Phases I to IV you can then go back and receive them again in any order or continue on to Phases V to XIII.
  • Why do I have to receive the Phases one after another? Each phase works incrementally and builds on the previous one. So it is important to receive them in order.
  • What should I be doing after each phase? Work with the Radiating Core Energy exercise and the After session Handouts in Phases I to IV. Work with the Attributes of Mastery and the After session Journal Page in Phases V to VIII and work with the Hand Postures in Phases IX to XII. You can also buy the I Remember I AM CD set and practice the meditations. You can also attend the monthly Calibration Celebration Meetings.
  • Will there be any phase after XIII? Phase XIII is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end point of this evolutionary body of work that is practiced all around the world.
  • If there is a long gap between sessions, do I have to start all over again? No; you can simply continue to the next phase from where you left off.
  • If I have received a few phases elsewhere, can I continue my EMF Journey with you? Yes you can. I am an Accredited Practitioner and Teacher of the EMF Balancing Technique. Each phase has a set pattern. A person receiving an EMF Phase I in Japan or Germany or India will receive the same session, regardless of who is delivering it. Each practitioner has gone through the same 6 days training followed by an extensive Internship to be Accredited. So you can be rest assured that you will be in good hands anywhere in the world with an Accredited EMF Balancing Technique practitioner.
  • Can you tailor the EMF training according to your schedule? I will be happy to work with you on mutually convenient dates for the training.
  • For information on furthering your EMF Balancing technique skills as well as finding out about becoming an EMF Balancing Technique practitioner, PLEASE contact me at niloferlight@gmail.com. I will get in touch with you as soon as I am able to.

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