Universal Calibration Lattice

The Human Energy Field / Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL)

  •  The Cosmic Lattice is the Universal Energy Source.
  • Our personal energy field is called The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) and connects each of us to the Cosmic Lattice. As we tap into the energy of the Cosmic Lattice, through our own UCL, we enter into a state of cellular awareness that brings about new abilities. The latent abilities include clarity, profound peace, better health and rejuvenation.
  • The EMF Balancing Technique opens the door to the UCL in a gentle, powerful, nurturing way. It “rewires” us for the new energy.
  • Each EMF session calibrates and strengthens the entire UCL which stretches releases and reorganizes itself into the next highest pattern of balance, thus opening as many circuits as possible to the Cosmic Lattice and larger aspects of Self.
  •  The calibration process occurs for everyone, whether or not one is conscious of it.

The Structure of the UCL

Universal Calibration Lattice

Universal Calibration Lattice

Centre Above

 An energy centre, located about 24 inches above the crown of the head. This is where the body’s energy field connects with the higher energies of self.

Centre Below

 An energy centre, located about 24 inches beneath the feet, connects the individual’s energy field with the energy of the Earth.

Long Informational Fibres

The long vertical fibres surrounding our energy anatomy are called Long Informational Fibres. The fibres behind us hold energy information relating to our history, those in front hold our unique potentials, and those on either side reflect our balancing of giving and receiving. It is the energy held within these fibres that transmits out into the universe and magnetically attracts experiences back to us that shape our reality.

Figure Eight Loops

Fibres of light and energy begin within and radiate horizontally out from the chakras in the front, back, sides, top and bottom of our being. These fibres form figure eight loops which feed into the long vertical fibres that surround and permeate our energy anatomy. The figure eight loops are the roadways along which energy and information moves within the UCL. They feed information from the universe into the biology, and the biology sends information back out to the universe through these loops.

Core Energy

There is a column of pure light that runs straight down through the centre of the body. This is our own personal connection to the Cosmic Lattice or Universal Energy. The Core holds our spiritual intelligence, the keys to self-mastery (wisdom, forgiveness, unconditional love, patience, compassion, joy and so on!) and the experience of the now.

5 Responses to “Universal Calibration Lattice”

  1. I would like to know how can I learn the technique of Balancing

  2. You can either receive an EMF session or learn EMF Balancing technique. I offer sessions and teach.

  3. To Nilofer Safdar: Thanks for answering. Do you live in USA?

  4. I live in the UAE. You can receive the sessions distantly via skype. I will be visiting USA in the summer and will be happy to travel to teach you if you can get a group together

  5. That’s mighty nice of you. I’ll try to check about Skype, I have so much hope in Balancing Technique.

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