Spiritual Growth – Phases 1 to 13 of the EMF Balancing Technique

Universal Calibration Lattice

Universal Calibration Lattice


The EMF Balancing Techniqueis a systematic procedure of rewiring our Energy Field/ Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) so that we can hold more spiritual energy within our being.

Thirteen different Energy Sessions / Phases are designed to strengthen our UCL. A person needs to receive the Phases in sequence as each phase builds upon the previous one.

The Phases are arranged in groupings of four ie Phases I to IV, Phases V to VIII, Phases IX to XII and Phase XIII is a stand alone.



Phases I to IV- Evolutionary Foundations- Just like a tree needs strong roots to grow tall, in the same way we need strong foundations in order to reach great heights. We work primarily with Golden and Platinum energy to clear and balance the different parts of the UCL.. We primarily work in the outer periphery of the lattice about 60 cm away from our bodies.


Phases V to VIII- Masters In Practise- The focus of Phases V to VIII is the Practise of Mastery in everyday life. We all carry qualities of mastery within us. These phases strengthen the energetic patterns of mastery. We actively participate in each session by selecting and sequencing the qualities of mastery we want to work with. We work with Platinum Energy which acts as a catalyst to speed up our evolution and work in the area of the UCL which is about 30 cms away from our bodies.


Phases IX to XII- Freedom In The Energy Of Love- In phases IX to XII we gain a deeper understanding of our Core Energy as the ultimate expression of self. We further develop our ability to use the Third Lattice to create Freedom within our being and our life. We work primarily within the core energy and use the dynamics of fission and fusion repeatedly to create a unique and powerful energy of evolution..


Phase XIII- The Way of the Evolutionary- This session is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end point of this work. It is a grand combination of all the other 12 phases. We learn to organize and focus our energy. Our thoughts, words, actions, emotions create energy charges which influence our life. In wisdom and joy we learn to take charge of our reality.


The EMF Balancing Technique serves as a foundation for the next level of our personal spiritual evolution.

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