Practical Spirituality – Release Your Emotional Baggage With Phase II of the EMF Balancing Technique

Universal Calibration Lattice

Universal Calibration Lattice


Phase II of the EMF Balancing Technique helps to release the excess emotional charge that we have invested in old events that no longer serves us.


Energy Field- The Universal Calibration Lattice, a system in our energy field, has 12 Long Fibres of light called Long Informational Fibres. There are 3 fibres behind us which contain information about our history, all the events of this lifetime, our genetic and hereditary data and other lives. These fibres contain geometrically encoded discs of light, very similar to CD ROMs, which contain information.


Anatomy of Emotional Baggage- If we are going through life and everything is fine, then only information gets stored. However, if we go through an event which causes us to feel excess emotion like fear, envy, anger, hatred, worry etc. then this emotion gets stored around the disc of light like a cloud of excess electromagnetic energy. This disc then becomes activated and starts beaming out to the Universe. The Universe always responds and sends us events and situations very similar to those that we have experienced before.

For example, if you were bitten by a dog when you were very young, this information is stored in a disc of light and also the fear is stored as a cloud of electromagnetic energy around the disc. This disc is then beaming out and you will find that you are involved in a lot of fearful situations with dogs.


Emotional Patterns (Behaviours & Situations)- Thus if you look in your life you will find many such patterns which keep recurring all the time. The people or places may be different, but the pattern seems to repeat itself.


Latent Talents- Also if we were to consider just how much we have learned in this life, we can also say that if we have lived before, we must have learned many many things. All these talents and abilities lie dormant within the discs of light in our back fibres.


Phase II energy session- We work primarily on the back fibres.


We release the excess electromagnetic charge around old events and tendencies that no longer serve us. Once this charge is removed, you will experience a freedom from the emotions that you have invested in the old event.


Taking the above example, we could say that when you come face to face with a dog again, you will no longer feel any fear. You will not react to the situation as the charge is no longer there.


An important point to make here is that the excess charge is recycled back into your energy field where it becomes like a pillar of wisdom and support to you as you go through life.


We also activate the latent talents and abilities that are dormant within the back fibres. Many people start to display new talents or start working with talents they have lost touch with for many years.


Receiving a Phase II session can help us to release the emotional baggage we carry easily and elegantly without any catharsis.


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