Practical Spirituality – Balance Your Heart and Mind With the Phase 1 of the EMF Balancing Technique



Phase 1 of the EMF Balancing Technique is an Energy Session designed to help you come into a balance with your heart and the mind.


What happens during a Phase 1 Session?


You lie on the massage table while the practitioner traces Tai Chi like movements in your energy field. These are accompanied by certain “Say Alouds” and the practitioner may also touch you at certain points.


In Phase I we use Golden Energy to clear the major energy centres or chakras which lie on the front of our body.


In the next step we balance the chakras using Universal Energy.


We activate a Geometric Pattern of light also called as a template. Each template is an Octahedron shape ie two pyramids one on top of the other forming a four sided diamond. Then we channel golden energy to the high heart centre and the brain to stabilise the Light Template. The template starts at the crown, extends to each shoulder and ends at the heart and holds the resonance of Phase 1 ie the Balance between the Heart and the Mind.


During the balancing of the lower body we help in connecting the energy to the Centre Below which in turn helps in grounding.




Balance between the Heart and the Mind- Sometimes our heart says something and our mind says something else and we don’t know what to do. We may follow one or the other and then regret our decision. What if we could get a balanced guidance from both?


Grounding- One of the benefits of all the Phases is Grounding. You will find that grounding increases more and more as you go through the phases.


Enhanced Self Worth- You will notice that you start to love and honor yourself more after your session. This is as a result of clearing and balancing your Solar Plexus centre which is responsible for your Sense of Self.


More Vitality- Clearing and balancing the Base Centre and the Creative centre results in more vitality. These centres which are found below the waist help in vitality.


Unconditional Love- You will start to experience love and compassion for all creatures and all of life. In this new energy we are working with a new centre called the High Heart Centre which is the centre of Love.


Profound Peace- You will find yourself slow to anger or excess emotions and experience a feeling of well being.


The energy sessions of the EMF Balancing Technique can help you release stress and live a life of joy, peace and balance.


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From Nilofer Safdar- Accredited Teacher and Practitioner of EMF Balancing Technique

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