EMF Balancing Technique®

Templates Of Light

Templates Of Light


A graceful, elegant and sophisticated form of energy work

The EMF Balancing Technique® is the energy system designed to work with the Universal Calibration Lattice®, a system in the human energy anatomy.

The technique is a simple, systematic procedure anyone can learn, and utilizes the human to human effect upon the electromagnetic field. There are now 13 phases, each designed to strengthen the Universal Calibration Lattice.


Universal Calibration Lattice
Universal Calibration Lattice



Each phase of the EMF Balancing Technique has a distinct form, comprised of a series of graceful tai chi like movements carried out by the practitioner while the client lies fully clothed on a massage table.


All of the movements are completed within the Universal Calibration Lattice, a system in the human energy anatomy extending from the central core of the body to an area approximately two feet from the physical body.


There is some light contact with the body, but the majority of the session is performed without touching the client.


Many of the movements are accompanied by very specific intents of encouragement spoken by the practitioner to the client.


Essentially however, the EMF Practitioner is communicating in an unspoken language of energy, delivered via the human to human connection of the session.


The energy patterns speak directly to octahedron shaped Templates of Light within each person that engender their own unique and sacred nature.


The patterns of the session set a resonance and deliver a message of strength and wholeness to the recipient of the session.


The receiver of the session always responds to this resonance according to his or her own unique wisdom.


Every session addresses the very core of the individual, and is an invitation to grow to the next level of wholeness (or wholiness!)


There are presently thirteen phases (thirteen different sessions) of this work, all assisting in the experience of one’s self as an energetic being with untapped potential.





Strengthening- The primary benefit of an EMF Balancing Technique session is the strengthening of the Universal Calibration Lattice – a complex system in the human energy anatomy with a simple purpose – to carry the greater electrical charge that is now available to all human beings.


Circuitry- The UCL is the circuitry for the electrical charge that serves as the foundation for the next level of our personal evolution. This system in our energy anatomy is an extension of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which assist us in the development of our abilities to fully express ourselves.


Personal Growth- Anyone on the path of conscious personal growth will benefit from having greater knowledge of his or her Universal Calibration Lattice, as it affects everything we do.


Greater Charge- Documented benefits of the EMF sessions include profound peace, greater mastery in ones life, improved wellbeing, and sometimes even remarkable physical healings – the benefits are unlimited as we learn to hold and express our greater charge.


Eternal Journey & Unlimited Growth- We are learning how to explore, translate, and shape our world as multi-dimensional beings. The work strengthens anyone who wants to continue to grow, from the novice on the path to the seasoned sage who knows the journey is eternal and growth is unlimited.

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