EFT Introduction

Recently I started leading a group called Self Healing Techniques Group. My intent in starting this group is to empower people with small tips and techniques with which they can heal themselves. Now in no way do I advocate that you stop seeing your Health Care Professional. All I want to do is to teach you small things which you can do to get relief from pain, alleviate the symptoms of common diseases, enhance your immunity, stop bleeding, heal wounds faster and release stress and enhance mental and emotional wellbeing. Of course you can also try this stuff on serious diseases and conditions.
We have had two sessions so far and both of them were on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): The surprising natural healing aid you can use for almost everything
The first session was an overview. The second one on EFT for Physical Issues. We worked with a whole variety of issues ranging typically from back pain to stiff neck to insomnia to pain in the knee due to injury.

You won’t be surprised – my leg was much better after Wed session! Isn’t that great. Unfortunately, I’m not tapping on my leg. I have a more urgent matter. I got a cold that struck with a vengeance after Wed…. so I’ve been very busy tapping on getting rid of the cold. Yesterday I tapped 3 times on the coughing and the cough went away. Today I will be focusing on my sinuses. They are blocked with slimy yellow mucus that is giving me a wicked headache. So that is pretty specific.
And as soon as I clear up this cold, I am going to tap on my leg! Your Wed class really motivated me to get back to tapping. Thank you so much for the tatting. It really helped with a lot of blocked emotions.
I got rid of my cough by tapping 3 times on Thursday…
Yesterday I worked on getting rid of my sinus headache – tapped 3 times… much better this morning!!!!
Soon, I’ll get to tapping on my leg again!

J R, Abu Dhabi

This is my first time blogging here. My intent in creating this blog is to share my joy and passion with you and to help you to find Profound Peace beyond understanding. I would love you to write in and ask me questions and comment on my posts. I am here to help you.

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