Let me tell you what’s inside the atom that has not been seen, but which has be hinted at.  Are the parts somehow connected with unseen strands?  Perhaps there is a new force here?  Are they influenced by interdimensional strings?  What is happening?  And we say this to you!  There is energy between the parts, the smallest parts you can imagine.  And there is indeed interdimensional energy that connects or pulls on them in an unusual pattern.  Do the parts have choice?  Yes they do.  And what is odd and unusual when you stand back and watch the energy strands between these pieces and parts inside of the atom is that you are going to see an actual geometric pattern emerge that we will recognize as the Human Merkabah!  You will see the sacred geometry presented interdimensionally and will discover the Flower of Life within the heart of atomic structure.  Scientists, think out of the box!  The choice of matter in its flow is not any kind of chaos.  It is the propensity of balance!  This seeming choice is caused by a new rule of physics–a rule of the Universe that says, “All matter seeks divine balance.”  You will begin to see this at the largest and the smallest level of all matter.

Some of this may seem odd to you, but there will come a time when you will hear it within main science, and then you may remember that you heard it here first.  We say this to give validity to this spiritual experience.  Some of you are going to need that to believe this message is real.  Remember what we said to you ten years ago?  We told you that when science is able to fully understand the atom, they will find at the heart of it–the love of God!


~ Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll, Book VIII ~


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