Many would ask, “Kryon, what is the difference between the energy karma gives us and our life lesson? Or are they the same?”
Since everything is related to everything else, you might say that you can’t take this completely out of the karmic energy bag; however, think of karma as a “push to place you in a groove of appropriateness.” Karma is about the group around you, your place in it and the emotional energies that are developed from that. You might say that karma is the default guide of direction for all Humans on the planet. It creates four and five generations of firemen and policement, doctors or military men. You “fall into the groove” of what you think you are supposed to do, or what your parents tell you, and do it!
There’s more to the story of how this happens than the “my dad did it so I’ll do it” argument. There is a propensity to go a certain direction and fulfill certain goals that are built into your DNA, that come in with your karma. It also represents unfinished business, feelings of passion about certain things you wish to do and, of course, your relationships with family and others. Some are actually driven by karma to find abusive partners! The reason is not to be punished, but so that they can work it out or find a way to solve the puzzle. Solutions of such things have always been the “energy generator” of humanity for the planet, and those solutions raise the vibration of the whole.

~ Kryon as channelled by Lee Carroll ~
The Twelve Layers of DNA – Book Twelve

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